Gaudí's first house

Virtual Guided Tour

Discover Gaudí’s origin in Barcelona (Spain)

Guided by an architect, and from the comfort of your own home, we invite you to discover the first house built by the most universal Catalan genius: Antoni Gaudí. With this tour you will be able to learn about the different construction phases of this World Heritage site and you will be amazed by the wealth of applied decoration. We will show you great architectural solutions that he began to apply at just thirty years old when building this house and which would evolve throughout his entire career.
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Rubén Momblant
Architect, tourist guide and vocational traveller

Hello! After six years in the tourism industry in cities such as Barcelona, London and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in addition to a long history as an independent traveller, my curiosity led me to seek an immersion in culture, in the everyday life of their citizens, wanting to be part of their daily life and discover hidden gems outside the conventional tourist circuit. This voyage brought me to one of the jewels of Barcelona, Casa Vicens, where it is really fascinating to discover a young Gaudí and the Barcelona of his time, in social and economic ferment. Join me! Come and share my passion for the wonderful Casa Vicens.

What is this guided tour?

The virtual tour “Gaudí’s first house” is a tour through the history of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Accompanied by architect Rubén Momblant, you will be able to visit Casa Vicens from anywhere you choose.

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Opinions about this visit

“Excellent! Wish I could come in person.”
Marilyn Harris
United States
“Thank you so much for the tour. I cannot wait to visit in person. Thank you Ruben.”
Karen Hicks
United States
“Fantastic, an incredible way to 'travel' to Barcelona and discover this Gaudí's first work!”
United States

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Virtual Guided Tour
Discover Gaudí’s origin in Barcelona (Spain)
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